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I'm not sure who else to ask besides my MH friends, so here goes (this may be a REALLY stupid question, so don't flame me if it is;-)...

I have a pretty bad case of strep-throat at the moment, and I've been really careful about steering clear of my wife so I don't pass it along to her (been taking antibiotics since yesterday evening, but the symptoms persist).

Question: Is it possible that I'll pass strep-throat along to my dogs? Like I said, I've been very careful around my wife, but the dogs have been all over me (face licking, etc).

That being said, even if THEY can't get my strep-throat, can they pass the virus along to my wife through their saliva? (IE: I have strep, they kiss me, the virus is now on their lips, they kiss my wife and pass it along to her)

Sorry is this is a fundamentally stupid question... it's just never come up before, as neither my wife nor I have ever had strep-throat.
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I dont think you have anything to worry about there unless its done within a few seconds and its not a stupid question.But I remember reading somewhere that dogs can catch your strep throat off you,
The article stated that we cannot catch anything off dogs but this virus can be passed onto to your dog.So stay away from your dog ,you are infectious. lol.

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It's not a stupid question as i have wondered this myself and have no clue what the answer is.......Hope you get to feeling better.     sara
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It's not a stupid question. It';s a perfectly sensible question!
I had no idea before that dogs could catch strep throat from us!
I'd stick with ear-rubs and belly-rubs for now! lol!

By the way, gargle with Sage tea. It will help. And a VERY good quality honey produced naturally from nectar-fed bees will help too. If you can stand the bitterness of tincture of Myrrh, put a teaspoonful in water and gargle with that too. It is very healing.
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