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can i notice dog bite

hi yesterday ,
while walking on road group of dogs are fighting and suddenly dogs started running, I don't think dogs touched me after that going home while washing my legs I felt burn situation and i shocked to see small two wound...is that possible  i didn't notice the dog bite or scratch .Do i need rabies vaccine for this. Today i'm experiencing abdomin pain and tingling sensation on head.
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Do you suffer anxiety? Just seeing dogs biting and one running around you is not got anything to do with being bit. Yes, you'd know if you were bit. And no you don't need a rabies vaccine for seeing dogs fighting and one running near you. Dog bites breaking the skin are memorable. You have dogs confused with bats. If you wake up in a room with a bat in it, they urge people to get vaccinated because they are so small and you literally may not feel the bite. This is not that situation. No need to worry. But since you are, I"m wondering about anxiety. Anxiety is a debilitating illness if not recognized and treated. It's treatable.
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