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Swollen bump near my dogs throat but getting smaller, should I take him to vet?

I noticed a swollen bump (his cheek was also swollen) near my dogs throat and under his jaw(thought it might be a salivary gland infection). Its been a week and the swollen parts of his face went away and the bump from under his jaw became smaller and moved to the side of his jaw. Should I take him to the vet or will the bump go away,  Help please? The bump was hard at first but as it shrunk and moved up his jaw it became soft. It was a week from when the bump suddenly appeared to when it had shrunk and moved.  Dog still eats, but tried giving him a piece of bread which he would have eaten before, but wouldn't take it, so I tried ham and he ate it. I had decided to give it a week before taking him to a vet because on the day he suddenly grew the bump he had been given a big bone and we thought that he might have hurt himself biting it, like he might have bitten his lower lip trying to bite the bone, which is why his cheek might have been swollen.
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You might want to give his mouth a good inspection.  He could have a piece of bone stuck, cracked tooth, abcess.  If it is a week and the bump is still there and he is not eating as usual, I would take him.  Better to err on the side of caution.
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If your dog is still showing signs of swelling and not wanting to eat normally you need to take him to the vet.  It could be a salivary cyst or it could be an abcessed tooth which needs to be addressed before your dog ends up losing weight from not eating or a systemic infection from the untreated abcess.  

Please post back and update the forum on your dog's condition.

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