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Swollen stomach

I have a Dalmatian ***** who is 13 years, 9 months old.  She is normally fit and we walk a couple of miles each morning.  Three days ago she did not want to walk far, then two nights ago she wandered around on and off during the night, then was sick. In the morning I took her to my vet where she has had blood tests and a scan, all of which are clear.  The last blood tests came back from the lab this afternoon and showed she did not have pancreatitis.  She is slightly better today as far as getting up and walking a few yards.  Her tummy is still as big or bigger.  She is eating tinned rice and chicken purchased from my vet, on his advice.  She had a painkilling injection from the vet at around 1 pm yesterday which sent her into s sort of weird trance-like state.  I took her back to the vet yesterday at 7pm because it was worried about her dazed state.  He vet phoned me at 10 pm to go and collect her as she was now more normal mentally.  Sure enough she was as pleased to see me as I was to see her.  She slept well during the night and has only been sick the once the previous night.   She has eaten her rice and chicken today, which I am giving her in four feeds of half a tin a time (as per my vet's instructions).  She did not want her drink of milk which she normally loves when I have a cup of tea.  She normally arrives at great speed whenever she hears the teapot rattle. I am very worried about her.  She normally talks a lot but is doing this much more as if she is trying to tell me what is wrong.  It is breaking my heart.  She has tablets which are tramadol 50mg, 2, 3 times a day and Clavaseptin 1, 12 hours apart.  I have to let the vet know how she is tomorrow morning.  She is well enough to follow me around the house again, but is still telling me something and still swollen.  Any ideas?  Good news would be much appreciated.
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I am so sorry to read your dog is not well but glad you took her to the Vet because torsion is Always a concern.  ESP due to her age, this could be due to heart, liver or kidney problems but you say the Vet did blood work and a scan.  Wish I could be if more help.  Maybe she has some intestinal infection.
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Thanks.  I have to phone a progress report to the vet this morning, but she has just refused to eat her breakfast with her pills hidden in it.  Normally she is very greedy.  All blood tests have come back normal and the scan showed nothing wrong.
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Its possible she won't eat her breakfast because of the pills being in it. I would wrap them in cheese or use a pill pocket instead.  My dog always knows when I'm trying to hide pills in her food, so do the cats, and they walk away.
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Hi. Yes, trying to kid some dogs with their medication can be an uphill struggle. Dogs have an extraordinary good sense of smell, and probably guessed there were pills in her food even before she got close to her bowl. You could ask your vet if the pills can be crushed, as this would probably make it easier.

I just wanted to mention the fact that you regularly give your dog milk ... unfortunately, milk is not good for dogs, so I would stop this straight away. Dogs are commonly lactose intolerant, for one thing, and while humans have specific enzymes to break down lactose (apart from those humans that are themselves lactose intolerant), dogs do not have enough of these enzymes, and the lactose often therefore causes diarrhea and/or digestive upset. Even those dogs that seem fine with small amounts of milk can have serious problems. Gas can build up in the digestive tract - and if it becomes trapped (possibly the cause of your dog's distended stomach), this can have serious consequences.

Have you mentioned the fact you give your dog milk on a regular basis? If not, I would do so, because this may be something he hasn't considered.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I will.  
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Thank you everyone for your helpful comments.  Unfortunately my dog has been put to sleep as she was in a lot of pain.  I miss her very much.
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