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Too many meds for my dog?

I posted on here awhile back about my dog, Barney,  He'd gone through a bout of heartworms a few yrs back.  Now he is having repercussions from it.  He was put on VetMedin, Enalapril, Lassix and Diltiazem.  My husband thought he seemed worse lately with coughing constantly, so he stopped the meds for a few days.  Now Barney isn't coughing but seems a little unstable on his feet....he's 11 1/2 yrs old.  

Does anyone have any experience dealing with this?  It seems as though no 2 vets can agree on meds either.  I don't want to have to put my dog down but I just don't know if he can be helped.
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Cute dog. :-)  You might have to go with your gut on this one, because too much of going to the vet and having meds shoved down his throat could be too stressful for him at his age.  If this were my dog, I would simply keep him as comfortable as possible at home until he is ready to be done with life.  Blessings for you and your dog - Blu
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I hope someone on here can help me with my dog's problem!  Contrary to what BluCrystal insinuated, we are not shoving pills down Barney's throat.  I really would like to get some constructive help.  Barney is back on the full meds but not coughing.  He still seems somewhat lethargic and yesterday he developed a limp, not wanting to walk on his front right leg.  I know the heat and humidity is not helping.  This may sound crazy but I was wondering if possibly he could have had a small stroke and that might cause the limp?

Has anyone had any experience with dogs having strokes?  We give Barney his 4 meds inside his treat which he devours and dearly loves.
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Thanks for the "bump" Jade!  I'm hoping someone one here has dealt with giving a CHF dog multiple meds...Vetmedin-5mg, Enalapril-10 mg, Lasix-40 mg and Diltiazem-10mg.  These are all given twice a day.  The Vet said yesterday to give him another Lasix-40mg. at noon.

He also syringed out a qt. to half-gal. of blood-tinged fluid out of Barnwy's abdomen.  Aso got the groomer there to clip him but they got a little carried away.  Picture is posted.  Ok, today, the weather has shifted from hot and humid to cool and relatively dry.  We went for a walk, only about 1/2 a mile and Barney was eager to go with us.  No coughing and has some energy.  The Vet told us this build up of fluids could come back in a couple of weeks.  I sure hope he's wrong about that.  I'm thinking with some exercise and more Lasix, that happening might be put off.
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