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help my baby

My pitbull (BABY) is going to be a year in October. About a 2months ago she got parvo really badly, We were able to save her by spending hours of attention and medication. Unfortunately, she is still very skinny and can not work out regularly like she use to. I was told to feed her eggs and chicken and rice, and i wana make sure that this will help and not hurt her. She means the world to my daughter and myself and I can not lose her so if yu can offer some advice, that would help out
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CON'T:  I don't know if your coming back, but I'm gonna finish in case someone else is reading, also...

3rd  - Digestive Enzymes - This is important as it will help your girl absorb her nutrition better & faster.....It's a tasteless powder that is sprinkled on food......The way it works: The enzymes start breaking down Fats, Carbohydrates, & Proteins when applied to the food. Then when eaten, the dog's digestive system does Not have to do all the work in a short amount of time....Thus, Vitamins and minerals, are absorbed more efficiently and quicker.....You can buy a small container for about $15 that will last for months....The dosage is 1/4 tsp. per cup of food......For sick or senior animals, you double the amount.....I buy "Prozyme" but there are many available....

4th - A multi-vitamin for a couple of months......If you take one, your dog can have half....If your child takes one, your dog can have one of hers....Yes, Flintstone chewables are fine!  ;)  

That's my Advice.....Good luck and I hope your girl starts feeling better real soon....Karla
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The day after we brought our puppy home she was in the hospital with parvo.  She made it thru(thank you God and her vet) but she came home weak and not much of an appetite.  We got some special food from the vet which she ate and loved.  After about a week we started introducing her to her food again.  Now she is big and sassy and at the lake swimming!!        sara
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My girl had Parvo many years ago. She survived but was very wasted and had a small appetite for a little while afterwards. I gave her boiled chicken and rice at first, and white fish (de-boned of course) and rice. That's really the 'invalid-diet' for dogs who have had very bad gut upsets, and is very easy to digest. Scrambled or boiled egg is good too. I got her to eat a little more each time, till her strength returned along with her appetite.
A Vitamin B supplement would be a good idea. But to get the dose right, do ask your vet. Usually in humans, as Vitamin B is a water soluble vitamin, there is no problem about overdosing (what isn't used just gets peed out!) But I am not absolutely sure if it is the same for dogs.

But as she progresses, she will need another food, in order to get her proper nutrition. Do some research to find a good quality high-nutrient food. I can't help you with brand, I'm afraid as I'm in the UK and we have (mostly)different brands here. But there are a number of excellent dog foods that are based on good wholesome natural ingredients. You just have to find the right one.
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Hello & welcome.....There are 4 things you can do to help your Baby:

1st - Important: If she hasn't had a fecal examine to check for parasites, she needs to...You can take a fresh stool sample to the Vet to have it checked......This will save you an appointment & the stress of the staff taking one from your dog, themselves.....Just call your Vet and tell them your bringing in a sample that you need checked......You will pay for the test, just not a full appointment.

2nd - Important: Proper Nutrition is Vital for building a dogs Immune System...If you are feeding a discount center brand or grocery store brand, you must upgrade. Cheap dog foods have NO nutrition in it and she's starving to death!.....She needs meat to survive this ordeal.....Go to this sight if you have questions about food:  "Dogfoodanalysis(Dot)com".  On their sight, there is a "Reviews" link....You can type in the food you feed and read what they have to say and how it's rated....The rating system is 1-6 stars...6 being the best to feed....Check out their 5 or 6 star foods to make a better choice for your girl.....Yes, she can have chicken & rice.....Eggs are wonderful if they don't cause digestive upset.....In some dogs, they do....

I'm Sorry....Something has come up and I gotta run.......I will be back and finish this for you......Start with what I have given you so far.....Karla
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This diet wont hurt he just make sure it is brown rice and get some Vitamin B for her that is a good pick me up you can get that from a health food store.Just plenty of love and care it will take a while for her to put weight on and get her strength back.
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parvo hmmm..
i think she might not get the all-in-1 injection during respected time n required dosage .
her liver is down . that is unable to absorf n transform the food into enough blood .
ur vet can prescribe specific energy or gain weigh powders .

thats all i know . rest members will help u

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