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movable lump versus solid, unmovable lump in my dogs body

what is difference between a lump that moves and does not move in a dog's body? my female dog, mixed breed, 9 years old has a large mass on the right side of her upper body. originally i believe a woman i had to stay with kicked sassy, and the vet said it would go away that it was a hemotoma from the kick. it is getting larger, and has  become solid and unmovable.  now there are smaller lumps developing all over her under the skin, some move, some do not. i am concerned about it being cancer and have no money to take her to the vet. sassy has been by my side thru thick and thin, and to hell and back.  please help me.  thank you, cindy
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if you have already gone to the vet, i would go back. recently my dog had a lump removed from her upper back. i had gone to the vet after i noticed a lump. It was moveable, and the vet thought it was cancer. i brought her to a specialist who thought it was not cancer, that it was a hemotoma.  He told me if it grow, spreads, etc we need to have it tested. we had it tested with a needle, and they found cancer cells. we had it removed and then we found it was not cancer or a hemotoma, but an infection that she got from an injection they gave her prior for something els. if it were me i would have to have it checked out and fixed. my dr. said that certain cancers can spread fast, is she getting sick at all? you should try taking her to a vet med school, sometimes they can help for little money, or at least look at it and tell you what they think. I would at least get a second opinion.you can check out a pic of my dogs operation on my profile.  good luck
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Oh I wish I could really say something that was going to help you in your predicament, or that you wanted to hear!
But the answer is really to get those lumps needle-biopsied (this is a fairly straightforward simple procedure, doesn't need anesthetic. You can be with her and hold her still while they do it. It only takes a few minutes.
My dog is very lumpy too. She has 2 lipomas (harmless) she has a few tiny tiny cysts, she has one larg-ish breast lump and two or three other smaller breast lumps. Every single lump has been needle-biopsied.
The last one she had done, I went overdrawn at the bank to pay for, because like you I don't have very much money at all, and am on a horrifically low income. I am telling you that because I do certainly, understand what it is like to be hit with vet's bills when you are in that position!
But I just had to do it. She means more to me than my telephone, internet bill, or even my food. I just pulled in my belt REAL tight for a few weeks and got that money back in the bank again.

Anyway, the only way to know what those lumps are is to have them tested.
Then if treatment is needed you will have to work out a way to get her that.
I have heard of "Care Credit" but I have no idea how that operates. I live in UK, and we don't have that here. You could maybe check that out?
I don't know if you would be able to borrow the money from a relative or someone? If you paid back so much a week without fail, they might be able to lend you something, if it comes to that.
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I have a dog with lipomas all over her. She cannot have any surgries due to other health issues. I feel for her as one is under her arm pit. My vet told me that 90% of these bumps are nor cancer, but I did have a dog with cancer. The difference in the way they feel is ( will in my case) was the lumps on my cancer dog was on his lymph nodes and they were very firm and grew quickly. I did treat him because he was the first of my dogs to die and I was not ready to let him go. I am going to tell you the hardest thing to do is making that decision when it comes at you. I am not going to prolong my dogs lives when it an illness is going to take them quickly ( again) the cost is too great $$, but I will do what I can to keep them pain free and healthy during their lifetime.

To your concern, have you thought about getting your dog x-rayed? It sounds to me like she is building fluid under her skin or she could be bleeding inside..just something to look at. I think it is good to go to other vets to get fresh ideas. You can pick up copies of your paperwork that you paid for. Don't feel bad doing this if you decide to do so.  Your vet might be very good, but I had one that I tried to trust and she almost killed my dog, and then demanded money for treating her.

Also, you might look up on the web where they dogs lymph nodes are located. My dogs were on his neck and then his two back legs, so his system was trying all it could to get the cancer out of him.  

Also, look at your dogs poop and pee and see if she is throwing up, is she laying around? Is she walking much or oodly?

I hope it is just a bruse, I am so sorry that you had someone take care of your dog that hates animals.  
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I have a two year old shih tzu he has a lump on his back bone and one up his leg,i think the oher one is some sort of meaty thing, but my dad did accidentally feed him fish,maybe allergies...
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Whether a lump moves or not is not necessarily a sign of something bad or not.  If I feel lumps on my animals, I take them in to get checked and usually ask for the Vet to at least do a needle aspiration.  In most cases, it proves to be benign. This isn't your scenario but when I felt in my dog's neck a few weeks ago, I immediately got him in and had a needle aspiration done. Unfortunately, he has high grade Lymphoma.
For me, better to be on the safe side and have it checked.
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How is your dog now? I am going through kind of the same situation , my vets cannot find out what's wrong:/ but now along with all the lumps, his lymphnodes are all swollen. All his tests have come back either normal, or inconclusive
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There are herb tintures for dogs with Lymphoma. I lost my  15 year old dog a few years ago. When I first noticed the lump I should have been smart enough with doing research. I found a tinture called Lymphatonic. I now have a 10 year old male Lab that I found the same thing on him last month. I ordered the tinture on line. I give him a whole dropper full after he eats. I dont follow the directions on the bottle as these directions are for humans. This tinture cleans out swollen lymph nodes so it does not develop into full blown Lymphoma cancer. I wish I had been smarter with Lady but I wasnt. I believe everyone should get this and keep it in the fridge. Roscoe's lymph nodes have now gone down. No signs of swollen lymph nodes. The key here is early detection.
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You need to get online and get Lymphatonic. I lost my 15 yrs old female dog Lady a couple years ago. I now know much more about Lymphoma Cancer on animals. Had I caught it early I could have given her this herbal tinture. My 10 year old Lab started to get swollen lymph nodes. I keep this herbal tinture on hand now. I give Roscoe 1 dropper full after he eats. It took only one week for the tinture to clean out his lymph nodes. They are now normal. It cost me $35 dollars for 2 bottles (keep in fridge) and to get them to me I paid extra for a 3 day delivery by Fedex. Trust me it is hard to put down your pet that you raised and loved for 15 years because it stopped eating and drinking and walking. The cost above was well worth every penny. Do not follow the directions on the bottle as this is for humans. Early detection is the key in this cancer!
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Thank you for the suggestions and information. My miniature schnauzer has had a lump under his chin for almost a year now. I have had it aspirated and it is non cancerous the vet said. I want to help the lymph node go down even more if I can so I am going to try some lymph tonic. Thank you again for doing the research!
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My dog has a small pea shape lump above her first nipple. it feels hard and her skin moves over the top of it. it feels like it could be attached to the muscle. she is eating and acting fine and it doesn't seem to hurt her.
I will take her to the vets tomorrow. Do you think it could be cancer?
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Care credit is a viable alternative to pay for vet bills. However the interest rate is high 23%. You would have to ask your vet if they except it. Most do because I too don't have extra cash just lying around and my lab had a large mass under his neck. They did biopsy and xrays. I am waiting on the results and he is on meds. Over a grand for the visit. Worth it.
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