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My greyhound will have endoscopy this week (I hope).  Either cancer or IBD.  I am trying to find something appetizing and tolerable.  She is on I/D and not crazy about it.  I would like advice from anyone out there to get me started on the right path if this is indeed IBD.
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Thanks sooo much for the response.  I will welcome any help I can get.  She is on to the hard boiled egg and chicken trick.  We also give her turkey.  (Yes, I cooked a turkey for her) She 'snoots' around in her dish and finds the good stuff and leave the rest.
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Hello, and welcome.  :-)  Wow, you've got a really nervewracking situation to deal with.  I don't know if it's worse to know bad news for certain or waiting to have it confirmed or denied.  

I haven't had any personal experience with IBD in dogs, but hopefully some of our other members will be able to help.  For my dogs with bad digestion, I've had good luck avoiding anything with any grains - corn being the worst offender.  You might try mixing in some chopped, hard boiled eggs or even just plain boiled white chicken meat.  Just enough to get her interested in finishing her ID food.

Also, Med Help has two vets who volunteer their time free of charge and I'm sure they'll have some good alternatives for you.  The forum name is "Ask a Vet."  

Check back in with us when you get the endoscopy results, and I hope and pray it isn't cancer!
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