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swollen pancreas

My Shitzu has a swollen pancreas.They also said his platlets were high and see a spot on his lung. Are these all related in some way? What can I do to help the pancreas heal?
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Boiled chicken is fine for now if he can keep it down.  Pancreatitis is an extremely painful condition, and can crop up for a lot of different reasons.  The classic case in dogs is a large, sudden intake of fat.  My vet always gets pancreatitis cases in following holidays when the dogs get too many extra fatty "treats" from well-meaning family members or guests.  Summer months are always the worst when people are cooking things like brisket and ribs.

Pain control, digestive rest and hydration are very important, and usually antibiotics are needed as well.  If your dog can keep from vomiting the chicken and can keep down water, that's a very good sign.  

Going forward, you'll need to know that once pancreatitis strikes, it can easily turn into a chronic condition.  That's why a very low-fat diet is so very important.  You don't want to feed anything that would cause another acute (and potentially fatal) attack.  Some dogs like mini schnauzers are genetically prone to developing pancreatitis.  With strict attention to diet and nutrition, they can live a normal lifespan without too much trouble.  

Some people are more comfortable making homemade dog food; others prefer to buy a prescription food.  The vet writes the prescription and you purchase the food at a pet store that carries it like Petco or Petsmart.  Some vets stock it in their clinics if they have the room for it.  In either case, you'll need to add a daily multivitamin.  The prescription foods really aren't meant to be used for years, and it's all too easy to miss out on critical nutrients making dog food at home.

Keep us posted on the little guy's progress.  I hope he pulls through this soon.
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Pancreatitis can be very severe, it an be chronic. Go on the advice of you Vet. It is "very" important the dog be on a prescription "only".  No other food, no fat, no treats.
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sorry, meant to put prescription "diet* only
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Thank-You so much for your advice.You mean the food that you buy directly from the vet????? He has been on boiled chicken now for 3 days and goes back to the vet tonight to get more bloodwork and see if anything has changed.Comment if you can,Thanks
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Thank-You so much for the information. He was admitted last night as his blood levels DOUBLED. I have had him back and forth 4 times and I said to the vet that he should just stay there for just fluids and he said to wait and see how he does on the chicken. He did not vomit the chicken and yesterday he actually was wagging his tail and kissing me,so I was so happy until the vet called me. I will keep you posted as to his results as I hope they are good. I would be heartbroken to say the least and my other Shitzu has never been away from him so she is sooooooo depressed.
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When you say his blood levels doubled - did the vet say if it was pancreatic enzymes or something else?  I agree your dog needs to be an inpatient right now.  Complete digestive rest means nothing by mouth with IV fluid and nutrition support.  Also ask your vet what he's doing for pain management.  I can't lie to you - pancreatitis is one difficult beast to fight.  I'm praying your baby will make it through this attack.
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