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My ear feels clogged even after myringtomy. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Out of nowhere, on Feb 13 my ear popped and I couldn’t hear out of my ear.  I had a slight sore throat as well.  Due to the extreme pain, I went to the dr the next day.  I had a severe ear infection.  I was given the strongest antibiotics.  After 2 weeks of not seeing any improvement, I went to an ENT specialist.  They agreed I had a bad ear infection and gave me a steroid pack and antibiotic ear drops.  At my two week follow up I hadn’t felt any better and the Dr put in an ear tube.  When he was putting in the tube he seemed surprised that there wasn’t much to suction out.  I had no relief from the ear pressure.  He told me to give it time.  My hearing improved but I still have this terrible clogged feeling in my ear.  It’s driving me nuts.  It’s like have a cold with no other symptoms.  The dr said there is no reason to have that feeling but, obviously I have it whether I should or not.  I’m so miserable and it’s triggers my migraines.  I would be eternally grateful for anyone that can provide some guidance.
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You may have inner ear dysfunction called Eustachian tube dysfunction.  This is where it kind of closes in on itself.  I had this and oh my oh my oh my.  It's bad.  I had headaches, ringing in ear, ear fullness, decreased hearing, vertigo, nausea.  I also went to an ENT.  I guess this can happen after a virus.  Mine crops up now from time to time with my last bad episode about 2 years ago.  What the ENT told me to do for that inner ear issue was what is called reverse ear pops.  Hold your nose, blow.  Your ears should pop.  Do it several times at a time and often.  this does help to clear my ears.  
After my MRI, I was told I have mastoiditis.  They put me on another round of antibiotics and steroids but nothing has improved.  I’m advised my next option is a surgery.  I can’t help but feel someone is missing something.
Go with that feeling and seek another opinion.
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