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Persistant Sore Throat

I've had a sore throat for three months with no other symptoms. In April, I went to Urgent Care, because it felt like my throat was on fire it was so unbelievably sore. After being tested I was told that I thankfully do not have strep throat. She prescribed me medication called Loratadine, which I began taking once a day and suggested taking a Benadryl every night before bed. My throat stopped feeling as though it were on fire and it eventually took away my tongue sores, but didn't give me full relief. I went to see a doctor and he prescribed me antibiotics and Flonase, which I had hoped would clear this sore throat up, but didn't. I would see him a second time and have my blood tested with results that I don't have mono. He then began asking me about Acid Reflux, which is a possibility despite my not having heartburn regularly or any of the other symptoms, but Tums haven't helped. Some think it could be a nasty case of allergies, but allergy medication won't be enough to put an end to this if it is. I'm taking L-Lysine, Vitamins, Iron, a Probiotic, Flonase and Zyrtec, but nothing has given me permanent relief. The lining of my throat is red, both sides, the right redder than the left. I've performed extensive research, but everything it could be has a list of symptoms I don't have. I'm not coughing, I don't have a headache, I don't have an earache, my nose isn't stuffed up, I don't have heartburn … etc. It's just this sore throat that most days feels like an uncomfortable burning sensation and on days it is really bad, I'll have an unfortunate tongue sore. It's driving me mad. I've read about other people having a sore throat for months, some even years, and we can all agree that it is troubling. Does anyone know what this could possibly be and how to put a stop to it? Any information would be great, thanks.
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Did you ever figure out what this was? Dealing with the same thing
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