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Problems with throat for months

For 5 months now, I have had a constant sore throat on my right side. Initially it started on the right side then switched to the left side then back to the right side. Along with that, I had involuntary breaks in my voice when speaking. It wasn't alot, but more than what I've ever experienced. That was early on. I thought it was just an infection,went to the doc,was given antibiotics. It didn't work. Was given antibiotics again, still not better.As a matter of fact, through both courses the pain was ever present. After last course of antibiotics, I was told it was probably viral and to wait it out. Once I started going into the 3rd month with this, I panicked.  At this point, it had already switched back to the right side and was constant there. My voice had developed a nasally sound, like I had a cold, I always feel like excess mucus is in my throat and my nose seems closed off.The lymph node on the side of my neck was swollen as well as (what I believe) is the tonsillar lymph node. When I swallow I feel the pain exactly in the spot the tonsillar lymph node would be. The lymph node on the right side of neck has recently reduced a bit, but the tonsillar lymph node is still painful and seems swollen.

I have gone to 2 other doctors since then begging for a referral to an ENT. I have been reduced to tears with the last doctor telling him that something is wrong. My husband and the doctors think I'm crazy, but I know my body very well and I've rarely been wrong about something being off. This is the one time I hope I am though. I am scared to death that I am dealing with cancer and am furious that I'm being blown off. I went as far as having my upper wisdom teeth removed thinking that they were causing the issue.

I looked in the mirror today after feeling like my throat was on fire to see what appeared to look a red scrap at the back of my throat. It is located on a lump of tissue that has been there since I was a teen. When I googled throat cancer I came across a photo (the only one I've seen) that looks close to what I have on that lump in the back of my throat. Only the lump is the same size it's always been just with a red scrape, like a blood spot, but flat like a scraped knee. I'm at my wits end with this.What can I do to get an ENT to see me without a referral? How do I go about getting labs and scans privately. I am sick of my doctors, they aren't figuring out what is going on and aren't testing either. I could deal with them not figuring it out if I felt they at least tried. It's as though it annoys them to test anything. I'm bothered by this and am having panic attacks everyday thinking I'm on the verge of dying and not moving fast enough. Any advice would help me so much.
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