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Rubber tip of dental tool lodged in throat one month ago

Hi folks,

I am going crazy with the following scenario.  Last month i was using a gum stimulator to rid my teeth of plaque along the gumline, and as I was doing my back molars the tip popped off and lodged in my throat.  I tried to cough it out and then I tried to make myself throw up so that I could dislodge it.  Nothing. I was finally able to get an appointment with one ENT that did a nasal scope and saw nothing.  The feeling persisted, went to an emergency room ( which is what the ent recommended if my symptoms persisted or got worse)...they stuck a tongue depressor down my throat and said there wasn't anything there. Gave me a dose of steroids, which made me feel better initially then I felt as if I had a sunburn on my face and chest.  I went to a second, voice specialist ent who did another , deeper scope with a video, and still said its clear.  He said that I should give it a few weeks and take gaviscon, as the only other way that he could possibly see the back of my voicebox is through a rigid endoscopy.  I have read about Globus Hystericus and I know that this doctor probably thinks that is what I have.  But I distinctly feel this thing and yes it goes from left to the right side ov my throat and sometimes I feel it in the middle.  But what I swallowed was a rubbery cone shaped thing...which is also the same color as the inside of your throat...I am convinced it settles in a pocket somewhere and stays until something that I do dislodges it and it moves (sneeze,eat, Drink,look at the ceiling etc.) Bottom line is because the thing doesn't show on the scope, the doctors are treating me as if this thing is in my head or an injury.  But if it was an injury wouldn't it have healed by now?  and there is the question...where did this stupid thing go?
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