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Something in my throat

I was eating some chips about a month or so ago and then I felt this really hard thing on my tooth.. When I went to the bathroom I saw something brown and small it looked like a roach leg.. And I felt something get stuck in my throat.. But now it feels worse like it hurts and when I swallow I can feel something there when I move my adams apple/throat side to side I can hear it bubble.. And when I try to lay down I feel slowly drift to whichever side I lay down on and its a bit hard to swallow... I tried vomiting to bring it up but nothing comes out or what does come out looks like a ball of white spit.. Please help me Idk what to do.. When I eat or drink it doesnt go down and when I try to vomit it doesnt come up.. Im scared idk what to do...
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I would try to vomit ....maybe with food in your stomach so that it does come up .....if that doesn't work ....I'd go talk to a dr about it.
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