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Fullness in both ears

I am a 30 year-old healthy female.  I currently take Levothyroxine for a thyroid disorder.  I am on no other medications.  For the last year I have had fullness in both my ears.  It is getting to be very uncomfortable and bothersome.  The feeling reminds me of when you change elevation and need to clear your ears. I have tried to get them to "pop" but it doesn't work.  I am a singer and now when singing my voice even echos in my ears.  I also get sharp pains that last for only an instant, but they are intense when they occur.  I have gone to my PCP about this on numerous occasions and she has said my ears look fine and to try flonase and see if that helps.  It hasn't made any difference.  She also tried two rounds of keflex.   It is really starting to get on my nerves.  Is there anything that can be done to relieve the pressure, pain, and blocked feeling?  
Thanks so much for your time,
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Hi Alisa,

You should have a full exam by an ENT specialist to include hearing testing and acoustic reflexes.  This could be Eustachian tube dysfunction, but could also represent early otosclerosis or other disorders.  

Hope this helps.  Good luck!
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Have you had your hearing tested?  The "fullness" I experienced was related to a moderate high frequency hearing loss.
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My hearing was tested and is fine.   You know how it sounds if you plug your ears and sing?  That is the way it sounds even when my ears are not plugged.   That is the best way I can explain the sound. It is bothersome!
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I have had ear conjestion all my life - to the point of burst eardrums several times.  I have tried many meds over the years.  I recently found that daily nasonex really makes a difference, but when the conjestion gets worse, I take mucinex for a few days.  Seems to help!  Hopes this helps you!
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I am sorry that you have had to deal with this all your life.  I am fed up and it has only been a year. Thanks for sharing what has relieved some of your symptoms.   I will try those two options and see if it helps me.  Crossing my fingers, and toes for good measure.  :-)
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To my understanding, the "fullness" u describe is Autophony (google this term). i have this for 10 years now, following a severe flu - an outcome from quiting smoking.
Saw many ENTs - the last one thought it was Patulous Eustacian tube - PET.
I'm not sure since usually PET is in one ear only.
Anyway, i heard there is some medication but usually, there should be a surgery intervention (blocking the tube), so personally, i chose to live with this annoying sensation...
good luck,
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I forgot to mention on previous post and comments to others that mucinex (as smg2 mentioned) when it gets really severe has seemed to help me as well.
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