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Questions in the Ear Disorders forum are answered by Dr. Eric Wilkinson. Topics include acoustic neuroma, skull base tumors, hearing loss, cochlear implants, stapes surgery, eardrum repair, chronic ear infection, facial nerve problems, childhood deafness, vertigo, balance disorders, and tinnitus.
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I have had a chronic ear infection now for several months. Antibiotics seem to start to work and then stop. I have tremendous ear ache ...
I have been having intermittent (sometimes every few minutes, sometimes hours) pain under, and behind, my right ear. Can this be a...
for around 3 weeks my mum has had a lot of problems with her hearing, there is a feeling of fullness in her ears and she has a noise in h...
Hi, I'm a 30 year old male. Starting 3 years ago, I began having a constant dull headache ALL the time. It debilitated me. At the same t...
Dr. Wilkinson, Can having a bad tooth in your mouth affect your ear? My ear feels like it is stopped up to where i can hardly hear, I tri...
How long does the fluid(pus) come out of the ear? And is it normal that the blood and pus is still coming out after 12-14 hrs? When shoul...
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