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Vertigo, balance problems & tinnitus (3 years)


I have had vertigo and balance problems (3 years), and tinnitus (high pitched insect sound in left ear/quieter in right ear/and general buzzing) which I can hear above other noises. It started after a virus. I was initially diagnosed with labyrinthitis, then BPPV (saw ENT specialist).  In the past 14 months I've been diagnosed with Vitamin B12 deficiency, Coeliac disease, and lactose intolerance, Diabetes Insipidus (for 3 years, but diagnosed October). Recently, slight Vitamin D deficiency and arthritis (with bone and muscle pain). I'm 53 years old. I get viruses that put me out flat as if I have flu but only have catarrh, no fever. During this time I have palpitations, made worse standing, move about, bend down and stand up again, and severe fatigue. My balance gets worse during this time and generally I walk with a cane.
     I've been for a few months walking over on the side of my foot, which is I think caused by my balance problems. I suffer from fatigue even on my better days and socialising makes me tired. My white and red blood cell counts have been continually lower than they should be for a year. MRI scans proved normal and neurological tests, but Romberg was positive and I couldn't touch my nose with my finger and kept touching my forehead. I have no hearing loss, but at times have some popping but mostly clicking in both ears. I have suffered from migraine since childhood. I'm now waiting for an appointment at the teaching hospital to see an endocrinologist. No one has dealt solely with the balance problems and vertigo for two and half years, and my GP has been reluctant (and the internist) to refer me to an ENT specialist as they don't think it will help, especially as other treatment did not help.
     My question is, I am likely to have this for the rest of my life? Is it likely after more than three years? I continually hope that one day I'll wake up and be normal again:). I'm not ready to give up the ghost quite yet!

Thank you
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An ENT evaluation would likely be hvery helpful in your case.  You need audiometry and likely balance testing (ENG/VNG, possibly rotary chair testing).  If your MRI did not have gadolinium contrast it may need to be repeated with contrast.

In summary I would definitely recommend an ENT evaluation, preferably by an experienced neurotologist (ear and balance specialist).

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your
individual case.
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Thank you very much. My MRI did have contrast. When I go to the hospital I will request an appointment with the type of specialist you suggest.

Much obliged,
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