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ENT - Eardrum/Hearing issue


Male, Aged 31, 5 foot 10, 75kg, hard of hearing in both ears.  Non smoker.

I am having issues with my left ear that seems to appear at random. I have an ENT appointment pending, but it has been cancelled due to the covid19 situation. So I do not know when I will receive another appointment, so I am left to deal with this issue on my own.

The issue with my left ear is that I keep getting a pressure fullness feeling that appears for a few hours and goes at random. But when it appears, I can barely hear, all sound is reduced 80% a lot of frequencies are reduced and my hearing is muffled. If I hold my nose and blow, it relieves for a second or two, until I swallow and it is back again. And when it does go away after a few hours, my hearing comes back and the pressure goes away like nothing happened and my hearing comes back in full.

But now I have developed a new boomy hearing symptom that is related that appears and stays and can take a week or two to go away. My hearing is boomy, a bit distorted and my own voice sounds loud and deep, everything has low frequency boosted, like if someone has turned up the bass on full on a stereo.

Everyday sounds are really accentuated deeply like when you put a tube to your mouth and speak through it. My hearing is really boomy like closing a drawer, shutting a door, moving dustbins, cars, banging, speech they all sound way too bassy/boomy now. Even when I am listening to someone talk to me, it is muffled a bit, but some bits of their speech is boomy. It is really noticeable and beyond normal for what I am used to. It is not right. The worst is how my own voice sounds to me, I sound so loud, deep and boomy when speaking.

This can last for ages and goes away in its own time and my hearing is normal again.

It is like it is inflammation or a build up of pressure? Feels like there is something wrong with my eustachian tubes or fluid in the inner ear or temporary narrowed ear canal.

It is 100% not my hearing aids as I have tried all the ones I have and the issue remains without them in my left ear (I don’t wear one in my right ear, haven’t done since aged 13) and I have tested with in ear headphones, still the same issue. It is something to with the actual ear.

I am not sure what to do as the pressure and temporary hearing loss really affects my day to day life and now the recent new symptom of boomy/bassy hearing is getting to me. The pressure and random hearing loss has been on going for a year or two as it comes at random, but the boomy hearing is new since April and can last for 2 weeks before my hearing is back to normal.

I though I would also mention that I get a blocked right nose at night when laying on my right side, I have to sleep on my left side to have clear unobstructed breathing.

I would appreciate any feedback as to what it could be?

Thank you.

Images of my left ear from camera otoscope that I got from Amazon.

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