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Irregular Tonsils

About a year ago I learned what tonsil stones were after searching the Internet awhile. Both of my tonsils were pretty big. So I went tonsil stone hunting and ended squeezing so many of those suckers out with my fingers. My tonsils immediately reduced in size. My right tonsil ended up shriveling up to almost nothing, and now it seems to have a flap as if I split my tonsil in half getting the stones out. Is that alright? That is my first and less important question.

My left tonsil is quite the opposite, it is probably about twice the size of my left tonsil, and for about 8 months or so, there has been a small pea sized soft and slightly ssquishy growth that seems to fluctuate slightly in size(maybe it's just been the same the whole time) below and a little farther back than my tonsil. I'm assuming that is just a cyst I will have to get drained and not cancer since it hasn't been growing. Now there is also a small little bump on the front of my tonsil that is a little sore if I apply a little pressure to it. Now the last thing wrong with my left tonsil is what lies behind it. And I mean behind-behind it, I would say it is the size of a giant pea, probably 1.5 times bigger than the other growth. This thing is hard like bone, and to get to it, I have to like curl my finger around my tonsil. It's like between my tonsil and the back wall of my mouth. I just discovered this one recently, now I would  normally just assume it is a bone , but when I feel around on the other tonsil, that hard mass isn't there, and I've checked multiple times.

I just want some feedback on what this could be, I don't want to hear, "Go see a doctor!" I will do that, but in the meantime I want to have an idea of what all these tonsil issues could be.

These are my main questions I would like some ideas on:

1. My right tonsil, is it okay to be split in half like that exposing a huge crevace in the middle of the tonsil(doesn't hurt at all)?

2. Is it okay for my tonsil to have been enlarged for a year?

3. What about the soft and squishy formation behind my left tonsil?

4. Does the sore on my tonsil just mean that it is infected?

5. What the heck could that bony mass behind my tonsil be?

6. Potential seriousness of it all?
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Hi there! Wondering what you found out about the bony bump?
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Ihave also hard bone like lump at back wall of throat. My left tonsil is some bigger than other and my uvala is deviated to some right side i have also ear jaw and throat pain from 3 months. Have u also pain in jaw amd ear?
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Many thanks to anyone who can give me some good feedback.
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