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Vasomotor Rhinitis from Ghyrokd hormone issues??

I had a total thyroidectomy on June 7,2021 and was put on 50 mcg liothyronine for hormone replacement and did pretty well on that.

In preparation for Pill form radiation therapy on August 27th I had to stop all thyroid replacement meds.

About a week later my eyes got real dry and then my nasal passages as well. I had RAI- radiation on Selt 14th

Still to this day If I am in a room or outside under 70 degrees my nose seems fine and moist and I can breathe.  As soon as I go into a warm room or hot outside my nose dries right out, stuffy and inflamed .  Get so bad sometimes that I can’t breathe out of either side of my nose.

Anytime I eat anything my nose runs. I can blow it a few times and I’m good so annoying but not as bad as the warm air drying out nose and causing inflammation.

I dont want to have to live in AC all summer.

I have never even seen an ENT prior to this happening.  I am still trying to get my thyroid meds correct but my labs say I’m not hypothyroid anymore. My ENT is very respected but hasn’t been much help. Gave me a steroid shot first which didn’t help much.  Then steroid sprays aren’t helping much

Has anyone experienced anything like this??!

Does Clarifix help this type of issue.  It’s not in my sinuses at all just in nose and nasal passage.

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