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Does my friend have an eating disorder and, if so, what type?

Alright so my best friend is 16 years old and used to be extremely overweight. But about a year ago, she lost about  50lbs and after that has been fluctuating for a while. She is now about 120lbs and 5'6. She has a large frame though so her ribs stick out further than her breasts, her hip bones jut out (and it hurts when she accidentally bumps me with her hip!), her collar bones stick out far, and her stomach isn't just flat, it curves inward. She rarely eats, and when she does she eats a lot and then feels guilty and throws it up. She doesn't do that as much as she just doesn't eat. She lies to her guardians about eating. She hides food. She sews pennies into her bra for when they weigh her. She exercises a lot. For a while I thought it wasn't that much but then she let on that she exercises more than I know. She is really fit, although I wouldn't expect her to be with how little she eats (why is this, by the way?). She never takes the food when we're at a friends house or something and they order pizza, or someone gives her a treat (she just says thank you and then tries to give it to me or throw it out). She is always cold. Yesterday she was wearing a jacket in 85 degree weather and she said that it was just right. Her hands are perpetually shaky. She has really low blood pressure. She still gets periods though, actually I think she has an issue on that front since she gets them too often and too heavy with severe cramps, but that's a different issue.
Is this EDNOS (or something else)? If so, what do I do about it? I've tried to tell her that this is not healthy but she doesn't care. She doesn't see what's wrong as long as it makes her happy. This is really distressing.
I think maybe I'm just jealous, though, as I'm overweight.
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