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Tired, Always hungary

Over the past 4 motnhs I always get hungary even if I ate hour ago . I'm always tired. I seem to get angry when i'm hungary and lately I started shaking really bad when I was hungary . But I didnt eat that much.  I feel pain in my arms.  Feel really weak . Is this just sings of depression. It feels like something else.
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you should see a medical doctor  and ask him or her to test you for diabetes
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I have a diagnosis of OCD due to a history of obsessions, and countinual counting in my head, and touching things. Mostly my OCD is 'internal', so people don't notice unless I'm somewhere that makes me very anxious. However, the numbers/counting/touching are now 'externalising' more, and people are noticing. I need to touch and count my elbows a lot, and sometimes have massive urges to touch other peoples (which i try my best not to do unless I know them very well!), I feel the need to put my hands up to expose my wrists to people, twice each time, which again I have no explanation for except to say it's a massive urge. If someone touches, say my hand as they're passing me a drink, I can hardly bear not to touch their hand back until it's even. I have strong urges to make noises when I am anxious, which I try to disguise with a cough, and sometimes to move my head back suddenly, twice, and take a sharp intake of breath, or make clicking sounds with my throat. Sometimes i stare at things or people and blink hard, until it feels right that I can look away. This can be bad if i am in public and continually looking over my shoulder to look at someone 'just one more time'. I have also been scratching the skin on my head and am developing small bald patches, so I now need to wear a headscarf as i can't resist the urge to stop doing it. People notice me doing these things, and it looks like tics. Is it? I can stop if neccesary, they don't do it by themself, but it is difficult to resist the urge,.Someone asked if I had tourettes and now I'm worried I do. I'm assuming (and hoping) that the fact I can stop these things temporarily with effort means it's just a part of the OCD. What do you think?
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Sorry-please ignore above. I posted in wrong place by mistake.
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To me it sounded like hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  I would follow through with the doctors suggestion though.

Are you seeing a psychiatrist or psychotherapist?  Talking through your issues (and perhaps medication if necessary) could be helpful.

Just as an aside, I found the doctor's book "Shrink Yourself: Free yourself from emotional eating forever," (I'm sure he'll correct me if I got the title wrong) helpful in reducing obsessive compulsive behaviors.  My repetitive behaviors use to drive me nuts but they have significantly improved since reading parts of his book.

If you're interested you may like to visit either of his websites (myvirtualshrink.com or shrinkyourself.com).
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I felt kinda like this, too, and it was my gallbladder.  What makes me think of it for you is the arm pain.  Diabetes is also a possibility, or hypoglycemia?  Do you have weird, tiny sharp abdominal pains?  Any back pain or nausea?  Does it happen more often if you eat something greasy/fatty?  You could have gallbladder pancreatitis, and if so it won't go away until you change your diet under a physician's care.  Please get checked out.  If money's an issue, look for a free screening for diabetes, or general health screening.  You need to have a blood test.  Test glucose and have a liver/pancreas panel.  You don't want to mess with diabetes or pancreatitis, get tested ASAP.
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