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i cant eat food,,,except potatoes,peas.cold cooked ham,,,,,,that's all i can eat,,,everything else gives me nausea,,and an over all feeling of being ill,,,and i get mentally confused,,,and very emotional...if i stick to my diet am nearly normal,,and feel ok ,,,i know its my liver,,and the urea cycle,,,that's at fault,,,and that the mental confusion i get,is ammonia related,,,,what i need to know is,,,what kind of damage does long term high ammonia levels do to the liver,and body,,,and the ability to eat,,,,,had this for 20years,,,undiagnosed,,,,was told i had,m,e,....  i don't,,,,,change diet...low protein etc,,,and that really helped,,but find i cant eat even food with very low protein,,,,fruit bread milk.chocolate,,,,absolutely nothing else but  potatoes ham peas,,,,would liver damage, due to long term exposure ,stop me eating normally,,,yours sincerely
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This does not sound like an emotinal eating problem so you would be better of asking this question in one of the other medical forums...sorry...
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