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generally feeling rotten!

have always suffered aches and pain, but only last week, at the grand age of 42 i was diagnosed by the geneticist with EDS. just after a bit more info really, if anyone can help.
Have good days, and of course bad days. my knees slip and hurt. have constant subluxation of one shoulder. and my back has just had it!!!!!!!!!!! i have also a bit of osteoarthritis here and there! i am sure that there are many edsers with the condition worse than i have it.
i was wondering about headaches. i seem to constantly have headaches...and just feel rotten in general - is there a link with eds and this???? also, in some info it says that eds is not degenerative condition.... and that things get worse due to age etc. is this true...? i have flare ups it seems, followed by not such bad times. has anyone with this condition gradually got worse, as i feel that i am. another thing is ribs. when i drive it feels like my ribs are turning under and digging in. im afraid of 'adult' hugs as my ribs feel fragile.
that is the end of my very disjointed (pardon the pun!) questions. i hope to get some answers. thank you. kerry :)
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Hi.  Early days since diagnosis. I have to wait until January to have a heart scan,  other than that... nothing else in place just yet! referal to pain clinic... but living in England means waiting forever for anything t happen. I shall push to see what else needs doing. thank you for your response :)) x
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Kerry I am and EDS 3 girl too and also have chiari.  Have you had an MRI for your headaches?  I am on Tramadol and Soma for the EDS pain yet I am always in some sort of discomfort regardless of what I do.  I agree with Selma those videos are great and I have learned so much along the way from Selma and this forum. Hugs and prayers hang in there:)
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Thank you for your welcome and your answer.
yes, Dx type 3. shall have a look at vids :)
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  Hi and welcome to the EDS group.

   .I was 48 when I was dx'd with EDS and it was along with Chiari malformation, cervical spinal stinosis, tethered cord and a few other not so much fun things....

But I can answer ur question on the HA's and EDS, yes, they can be related to eds as eds can cause cerviocranial instability, something else I also have and it is this instability that causes the head to bobble around and cause the HA....

Did ur geneticist tell u which type of EDS u have? 3 ?

I have an issue with my ribs as well,...I feel it on my left but all xrays show  an abnormality on my right,...I have yet to get to a EDS dr as I have to go out of state and I can not drive due to my other conditions....

Look at the videos posted at the top of this forum...the links will take u to many by Dr Driscoll and they r very informative.
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