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Emphysema and bloating

I have suffered moderate emphysema for the past several years. Just after Christmas 2009 I began feeling bloated. It got to the point where it seemed like the emphysema was getting worse. On Jan 22 I made appointment with respiratory physician who treats my emphysema. On the way to the office, thank heaven my wife was driving, I could not breathe. Made it to Dr's. office who ordered an ambulance and forwarded me to the ICU at local hospital. Spent a few days in ICU and general population with steroids, antibiotics, etc.  Came home just fine did not feel bloated, short of breath, etc.

Two weeks later I started to feel bloated again, then last night the breathing issue began, used bronchodilator, which eased the problem, thought I would be in emergency room again, but used the dilator about every 1 1/2 hr. which slowed things down. Now it is superbowl sunday.  I aslo use Spiriva.
Question is: can the bloating casue the breathing problem with those who suffer COPD?
second question: am I doing harm using dilator more often than prescribed till I get into Dr. hopefully, Monday?
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Welcome to the asthma community!

I'm not a doctor and I'm not all together familiar with emphysema. But perhaps the bloating is from the trapped air in your lungs, as the airways are too constricted. You really should see your doctor as soon as possible if you are needing to use your bronchodilator so often in order to acquire some relief. The bronchodilator certainly will give you side effects that will make you feel jittery, with palpitations and shakiness, especially with frequent use.

I recommend you see your doctor for advice and perhaps get further testing to see how well your lungs are functioning and how much oxygen you are really getting in.
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Went to respiratroy physician yesterday. He prescribed a short regime of steroid and a full time cortisteroid inhalor twice a day.  Also to continue use of daily Spiriva & emergency bronchodilator.

Thanks for the response,
Are you on oxygen at all?
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Bill, I have asthma and I also get bloating sometimes and I was wondering if you do not mind to tell us what your doctor said caused your bloating?

My doctor is wanting me to do a sleep study to check for sleep apnea.
Thanks for your help.

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I to have been test and have moderate emphysema I have noticed of blotting also if you could help
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There are breathing exercises you can goggle to help with bloating...its for people with respiratory problems...breathe thru your nose and blow out mouth like blowing out candles...helps get rid of the stale air you cant get rid of
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i suggest using a nebulizer with a 25 % mixture of redmills sodium bicarbonate 2-3 times a day.mix it with 2 cups of distilled water at 25 %  boil for 10 mins.let cool then put in a lock lid glass container.use 2 ml. 3 times a day this will kill bacteria and fungal infections in the lungs which are responsible for copd ,emphysema. it is working for me .it will not repair any damage upto this point but it will slow or stop any further damage from occuring.
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