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conflicting findings on COPD diagnosis

I am a 48 year old male, 149 lbs, 19.5 BMI, and very active. I have never smoked cigarettes, although I did smoke marijuana for several years. I do not smoke marijuana or cigarettes presently. Here is a short rundown of my situation

I had a ctScan of my thoracic region, back in March of this year to see if my kidneys were not scarred (unrelated). There was discovered that I have (had) a 9 mm nodule on my lower left lung. An other Ctscan was done, and about a week later, I get a "diagnosis" slip from the VA that I have COPD. However, every doc I have been to, including a pulmonologist, does not seem to see anything that indicates COPD. I have 99 saturation, almost always (will drop slightly, to about 95-96, when exercising vigorously), and my pft came back normal, except maybe a somewhat lowered DLCO(?), at 83 percent. Moreover, and a point that must have seemed unnoteworthy to the pulmonologist, were a couple of my airway resistance values, at 170%, My spirometry and lung capacity tests were at and above 100 percent, for the most part.
What might such airway resistance scores and my DLCO values indicate, if my pft was at or above normal for age, gender and other parameters? Can diffusion values be improved with vigorous exercise. What of my pft, over time, if I start out in the upper values? Thanks.
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i have tracked a similar problem for 5 years now and drs will not help you the best thing you can do is go on a paleo diet or anticandida diet to get rid of yeast in your body this has helped me immensly.whatever virus you have contracted has weakened your immune system it is what they do .then it allows bacteria and fungus infections to get into your body .first it affects your gut health causing an imbalance in your gut bacteria.this is your immune system 80 %.so it is best to work on gut health  to strengthen your immune system.in my case i have had testing and found certain bacteria that are contagious  strep pneumonaie ,staph aereus ,ecoli.they are causing others around me to become ill starting with pneumonia then progressing to asthma,copd then emphysema ,then congestive heart failure then death several of my friends have died  from it .ranging in age from 40 to 70.so you can see 40 is not old .get rid of yeast it is the main thing in your body that throws the gut out of balance and if it gets out of the gut it is usually what causes the slimy fungal infections jock itch eczema,and so on.diet is key eliminate all sugar it fuels all infections whether it be viral fungal ,bacterial.there will be no help from drs they will only treat the symptoms when the yeast causes cancer or the bacteria causes heart failure or high blood pressure etc they will not treat the cause .if you get your immune system going it will control the virus and it will eliminate any fungal infection or bacterial infection .you know where you stand dont waste your time drs will not help they just take your money .good luck
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You do not have COPD, unless a new definition has been created in the past week. I have learned that doctors, after giving tests, do not like to leave "diagnosis" blank. After four days of tests at a famous hospital I was discharged with "anxiety." HaHa. (Turned out to be systemic candidiasis.)

As Schnapsi above says, doctors often do not listen to their patients. Be very careful if anyone tries to put you on COPD medication. All of it has side effects and some of it can kill you. Just say no.
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From what I read of your comments, I would say somebody didn't quite
know where to put their diagnosis, and stuck it in COPD, which is a
catchall for everything.  It would seem agencies and some doctors
do not listen to patients history and findings,   Stick to your guns, and
be waryof what medication is given.  My best advice is search the
internet....Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, Drugs. com, and seewhat you
can find out.
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