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CT scan requested after oesophageal endoscopy


I wonder if someone could offer any insights on this: my 21 year old had been complaining of food getting stuck in his throat since last October which he said has got worse since June this year. He was referred for an endoscopy which he had this Tuesday, but found it very uncomfortable so it was stopped. The doctor who did the endoscopy said he felt resistance at 30cm into the oesophagus and that it looked inflamed (and he took biopsies) which he said was most likely due to stomach acid. He put my son on omeprazol for the stomach acid and for him to have the endoscopy repeated in 8 weeks time. However, he then rung on Wednesday evening to say that another doctor who he had spoken to said my son should have a CT scan.

So I'm quite concerned that a CT scan has been requested 24 hours after the endoscopy and wondered why this should be when the 1st doctor said all he could see was a narrowing of the oesophagus and some inflammation?

Thank you.
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You said, "but found it very uncomfortable so it was stopped." That sounds to me like your son was awake during the procedure? If so, get a new doctor because they knock you out cold when this procedure has been done. I've had it done twice in a hospital, and twice at doctors who specialize in the procedure, and all 4 times I was knocked out cold. I would not worry about a cat scan just yet. They just want to rule out possibilities. I have a rare lung disease called MAI and on xrays it looks just like TB and cancer, so they rule those out by having phlegm analyzed. Be patient and optimistic so that your son is also. Hope all goes well for him!
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CT sounds reasonable. Alternatively, consider fluoroscopic esophagram.
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