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Possible leukoplakia near uvula

I noticed this white looking patch towards the back of my throat. It's been about two weeks now. I did set an appointment with my doctor through the VA, unfortunately he wasnt in and I saw someone else. I told them I was mainly concerned it was strept though i have no pain. It's just there. The doctor looked at it for a minute and said it could be leukoplakia. I recently have dental work done about 45 days ago and it wasnt there. Also my VA doctor did a look at my throat because I had the flu during that 45 day window (gotta love being a parent).

Now the internet has me going stir crazy. I'm not sure if it's a burn, I did burn my mouth through smoking a pipe and remember came through. Or if it could be bacteria. I wasnt given anything but I'm making a follow up next week if it's still here. Just looking for some feedback.
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Not sure how I can upload a picture so here's link to same question cross posted at another form.

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