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Eye discomfort, pain behind eye and swollen glands

I was diagnosed with Viral KeratoConjuct 5 months ago. It affected my right eye. I was not able to wear contacts. If I did, my eyes would be uncomfortable and the next day irritated, sort of like an allergy. About 7 weeks ago I started to wear contacts again, but I was having discomfort in the right eye, kind of like an allergy. I only wore contacts from 5-9 hours a day. I have off and on dry eyes since the VKC. I have yellow bumps on my eyelids sometimes, which I was told are clogged glands and common with dry eyes.

I have stopped wearing contacts because I have extreme discomfort (pain!) in my right eye. It seems to be the back of my eye, but its hard to isolate. The pain seems to be worse when I move my eye to extreme, or sometimes if I focus or strain hard, it hurts more. The pain seems to go down into my neck from the back of my eye. It can be a dull pain around the back of my eye, or more and more lately, its a piercing pain. My glands in my neck are swollen and I have constant nasal mucus drip in my throat. The musuc drip is mostly white.

My vision seems the same, however I have always been extelemely myopic (-16).

I have been to the GP and ENT, waiting to get back to the Opthamalogist in a couple of weeks.

The ENT did a sinus CT and nothing major showed. I have not been given antibiotics, because nothing showed up.

One of my theories is a sinus infection. Could that cause pressure on the back of my eye? What about dry eyes, can they cause this kind of pain and response? Could it be the virus acting up? Any advice would help. I don't know what to do.
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"One of my theories is a sinus infection. Could that cause pressure on the back of my eye?"

probably not, if the CT was clear.

"What about dry eyes, can they cause this kind of pain and response?"

usually not.  dryness almost never causes pain.  usually just annoying discomfort.

"Could it be the virus acting up?"

if your eye is not red, then no.

this is a difficult case.  i've had at least one case very similar to yours...and that person still has not been able to comfortably wear contacts 3 years after her VKC event.  it is possible that you may never get to wear contacts again comfortably.

everyone with corneal problems has the same problem "isolating" their pain as you have.  your cornea ONLY has pain nerves.  unlike your skin for example which has cold nerves, hot nerves, nerves for "deep touch", nerves for "light touch", tickle receptors (i'm not making any of these up!) etc etc ad nauseum.  but your cornea only has PAIN nerves.  thats it.  a little bit of "pain" is perceived as dryness.  a little more "pain" is perceived as foreign body sensation (feels like something is in your eye) and a lot of pain is perceived as obviously hurting.  and an extreme amount of pain is sometimes perceived as "radiating" to other parts of your eye/face.

i dont know what to tell you.  i know you're grasping for answers and i feel bad for you.  but i kind of doubt this is a sinus infection, i doubt your virus is "acting up" again, i doubt this is from "dryness", and i doubt there is much that anyone (the ENT or the ophthalmologist or anyone else) is going to be able to for it.  keep all of your appointments and hopefully i'm wrong. hopefully someone can help you.
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Does anyone know what could lessen Ed's likely cornea problem? or make it go away?
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i have a swollen right eye but i dnt know what it is, my psrents thought it might be an abscess but im unsure, it is watery alot of the time and is sensitive around my eye, and it has aslo made my cheek area puff up abit too! im wondering if any one can help me to know hat this is, i am going to the doctors today. I dont understand how i got ti i just woke up saturday morning and it was all fat, i dont think i have used anything different to be allergic. PLease write back and help me.
Signed confused
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