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Aphakia and excercise?

Hello there. I have a question regarding my medical condition and the potential for exercise.

My diagnoses are aphakia, amblyopia and horizontal nystagmus in the right eye. At ages 1 and 2 I had operations on both eyes where their lenses were removed. As a result of this, my parents were told that I shouldn't strain myself with intense physical activity, and was even exempt from p.e. in high school because of this. as one can imagine, all of this has had a negative impact on my lifestyle which is mostly sedentary.

I would like to get in more shape however but do so in a responsible and safe manner. Of course i realize that talking to my own ophthalmologist is the logical thing to do, but i'd like a preemptive opinion so to speak. Can a person with a similar diagnosis exercise regularly? Nothing too strenuous o taxing, but just some basic body weight and dumbbell exercises to get into shape / build a bit of strength?

Thank you.
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I see no reason why you could not exercise.  The precaution may have been suggested in order not to harm the good eye with certain activities, such as tennis, handball, basketball, etc.  If you engage in any activity where there is a possibility of something hitting the better eye, you must wear eye guards.  In fact, you should probably do this as a routine anyway.  I do not know if you wear contact lenses to correct the aphakia, or if intraocular lenses (IOLs) were implanted at the time of the cataract surgeries.  However, either way, eye protection is a good idea.  Have your ophthalmologist perform a complete dilated retinal exam, to be sure there is no need for prophylactic laser to any weak or thin areas.  If not, then I feel you are able to do aerobic exercise (walking, elliptical, stationary bike, swimming), and weights.
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