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Blisters on inner rim of eyelids.

Hello. I frequently get tiny blisters on the inner rims of my eyelids. This is a fairly new condition I've developed, approximately the last 3 years. I have asked my eye Doctor about them during an eye exam to update my eyeglass prescription and he had next to nothing to offer as an explanation for this, so little in fact that I don't even remember what he did tell me.

Can you offer any idea's on why I get these little blisters?  They create an irritation similar to having sand in my eye and I tend to use the edge fingernail to gently scrape the blister away. They do burst, releasing a tiny amount of clear fluid and the irritation is immediately relieved. I wash my hands thoroughly before performing this "treatment" and I do rinse my eyes with a warm saltwater wash. I am extremely careful not to scratch my eyes with my fingernails.

Eagerly awaiting a response. Thank you!
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Sorry, but I don't know what they are without clearly seeing your eyelids. There are inflammatory conditions which cause blisters: Herpes, Shingles, Conjunctivitis, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, or eyelid cancers. Non-inflammatory conditions: benign cystic eyelid lesions, hidrocystomas. To name a few. Go get a second opinion with a general ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon.
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