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Blur'd Vision - One Eye

Hello...  I have had cataract surgery on both eyes within the last two months.  Both eyes received IOL's.    I am a healthy 58 year old male.  One eye is exceptionally good (was bad eye before surgery).  The other eye (my good eye before surgery) still gets cloudy from time to time... goes and comes almost like having the cataract.  Has restricted my vision especially when working on the computer or watching TV.

Q: Could there still be some of the old lens still in the eye?  
Q: Is there a possibility that the strength of the IOL is too strong or weak?

I have had a number of tests that indicate the eye is "medically healthy", but the cloudiness is concerning me.  I am aware of what is called a "secondary cataract", but I believe it is too early for that to be the problem.  In addition, I do not take any medication that might cause this problem.

Thanks in advance for your help....   Thom
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Hello Springhook: Technically part of the cataract is left in the eye each and every time on purpose. That is called the posterior capsular membrane and its the sack or bag the cloudy lens nucleus and cortex was in before it was removed. Usually it can be polished clear but sometime not. Then a Yag laser capsulotomy is necessary very soon after surgery. In other cases it clouds up in the months and years after surgery. When this happens people often say "my cataracts came back", not true what is true the symptoms of the cataract came back.  At one time about 90-95% of cases needed the treatment for a "secondary cataract" or "secondary membrane" or "posterior capsular opacitication". Now its more like 30%.    You should be carefully checked for this.

Lens power is not really a consideration. If it was mildly under/over corrected your glasses would correct it. If it was way off the glasses would be extremely thick and hard to wear but the image would be clear.

Have the capsular membrane checked. Sometimes one eye is just stronger than the other.

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