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Can infection in nose cause blurry vision in one eye?

Hi, my question may seem a bit odd but i'm at my wits end about this pain I am feeling so please bare with me as I write out my symptoms. I have blurry vision in my left eye for 2 months now. I use a tiny razor they sell on the tv to cut the sideburns and neck hair to trim my nose hairs, now recently I notice when I touch the tip of my nose I feel pain in my left temple and before that I had alot of pain in my left cheekbone lasting a few hours to go along with left temple pain and a very bad headache that lasted many hours. All pain has pretty much subsided expect for that small tinge of pain I feel in my left temple when I touch my nose. So I ask could I have infected my left nostril and it has made my left eye vision blurry? I used to read ALOT on the pc and books , so could all this pain be muscle strain? I have also recently been told I have map dot fingerprint dystrophy so could reading alot with one blurry eye have caused all the pain? Could this blurry vision be something else they have overlooked? I am seeing a neuro opthamologist this week. The diagnosis was made by 2 opthamologists one was a cornea specialist. I have taken an MRI recently and they tell me all was well with it, also my recent blood tests all looked pretty good. Any suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated, I would love to be able to see clearly again from my left eye. If in fact it is map dot fingerprint does it ever get better on its own sometimes, as I know it is something that does change often. Thanks for all your time on this forum.
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I hope they did the blood tests for Giant Cell Arteritis.  Needs to be ruled out with the pain you are describing (especially if you are over age 50).  Once, that is ruled out you should systematically have every aspect of the eye examined by specialists to see what exactly the source of blurry vision is.  Sometimes using a hard contact lens during exam will reveal a corneal problem.  Neuro-ophthalmologist is also not a bad idea.

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