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Cataracts vision changes

Hi l was diagnosed with cataracts ( PSC) in both eyes a year ago, l think they said its still early stage. The vision in my left eye still seems just as good 20/20 but l noticed with my right eye over the last 6 months its getting harder to read the letters on the eye chart ten feet away but l can still read small print with that eye just as well . It seem the distance vision with my right eye has gotten worse but the near reading vision is still excellent, COuld that be explained by the cataracts? or could it be something else . l thought cataracts would affect both near and distance vision not just distance
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PSC cataract grown much faster than typical aging cataracts (nuclear and cortical). You need to see an ophthalmologist Eye MD soon to determine whether it is the PSC growing fast or a different problem. Cataracts can preferentially affect distance or near or mid vision or all.  Also read this LINK  https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1648102/Consider-ALL-the-Options-Before-Your-Cataract-Surgery-Working-Through-Whats-Best-For-You--2019-2020-Update
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Thanks yes l saw my ophthalmologist a couple months ago. He didnt say if it was fast growing he just said l will probably need cataract surgery in a year and its the PSC type. He gave me an eye test chart reading test , l told him the right eye is not as good at reading the chart as it used to be  but didnt say anything about it. l also have mild early stage glaucoma but he said that is going well and under control from the eye drops, He said l passed all the flashing light Peripheral vision tests well so l dont think the glaucoma is affecting my vision . When l am indoors my vision seems toally normal but outdoors on sunny days it seems slightly hazy or glarey and on overcast days or evenings my vision seems dimmer or  lower constrast then it used to be  before l had cataracts . Does that sound like cataract symptoms?
You must have a communication problem, if he said you would likely need surgery in a year that is extremely fast growing. My practice is full of older adults that have had cataracts for 20-30 years before needing surgery.  I suggest you call your ophthalmologist and get in soon. removing the cataract will also lower the pressure in your eye and make glaucoma easier to treat.   Look up on a internet search engine a picture of a PSC cataract. When you pupil is large, inside or in the dark you can see around the PSC,  in bright light the pupil gets smaller and you can no longer see around it only look through it. That is classic PSC symptom.
yes see him again in a month , l will ask when l should have surgery. l am 48 and currently dont need glasses , he said l should go with the Vivity EDOF lens so l dont need to rely on glasses much but l heard the contrast is not as good as a monofocal. l am worried about choosing the wrong type of IOL and cannot decide to go with the vivity or a monofocal should l just follow the advice of my ophthalmologist and go with the lens he says is best , the vivity.
I would suggest you get a second opinion. Many practices 'push' upgrading IOLs as they make more money. My wife had surgery and chose a monofocal IOL.  Many more unhappy people with upgraded IOLs than monofocal.  But as i said the in the article there is no "BEST" IOL just like there is not best automobile.
l think l read the only downside of vivity compared to a monofocal is it has lower contrast level but you get better near vision , what to do think of the idea of getting a monofocal ( eyhance) in the dominate eye and vivity in the other eye , would that give me higher contrast then if l had vivity in both eyes? Are there people that get an EDOF like vivity in one eye and a monofocal in the other
I sent you a link to read. I don't make decisions for people.  Yes there are people like you ask about in last sentence. I do consults on unhappy patients from other practices. I see a lot more unhappy people that pay extra out of their pocket for 'premium' IOLs and have very high expectations that are not met.
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