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Cattaract formed post detached retina surgury

I have had 2 detachments in my right eye and had Pars Plan Virectomy operation to treat this. I have now formed a nuclear posterior sub capsular catatact as a side effect of the opeartion in my right eye.

I have been informed that i will need to have an cataract removal operation with intraocular implantation.  Recently I have started to see very minute bubbles/grain with my Cataract - is this something i should worry about?  
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Before treatment of Plavix and asprin , I had slightly web like formation since 10-15 years ,no visual problem, but all of sudden after stants , i started taking Plavix and asprin together, I have notice one of my mole at shoulder almost disapeared and further my both eys are getting sticky, vision has been effected , i am wearing glasses, eye side has change...means new prescription. and floater but not exactly but a detachment of posterior wall shown up in both eyes, i have given advise for laser surgery to burn the floater or detachment. any advise. thanks.***@****
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PhilB: you may still have some silicone oil in the eye. Ask your surgeon about what you see.

Noshay Neither asprin or plavix should cause these symptoms. Laser is usually not used for floaters. Only your eye surgeon can give you specifics.

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I also had a Vitrectomy in one eye, with a gas bubble. I also developed a cataract and recently had it removed and an IOL implanted. So far so good.
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I had my cataract removal and IOl implant in July 2010,and I keep 6 small bubbles ( oil residual probably)
Doctors say its all right and now I only have to come back in 6 months.
Not pick my new glasses prescription yet but already set the appointment for,it would be in November.Too much busy doing other things...
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