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I've been having difficulty with unilateral left eye swelling.  It's intermittent and mild but discouraging because it creates bouts of lacrimal gland pain and inflammation.  I know it's probably not a good diagnosis because of orbital pseudotumor and I'm trying to determine if the slight injury I had to the eyelid and eyebrow region created this problem.  This occured several years ago.  I bent down into a vacumn hose and jabbed it.  My tears are not as efficient in my left eye as in my right.  I can tell the difference.  I have severe dry eye in both eyes but it's worse it the left eye.

Does the pain and inflammation cause the swelling or does the swelling cause the inflammation and pain?  Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.  Just common sense thoughts due to an injury and being unilateral would also be helpful.  I've been dealing with this for quite a while.  

Also,  immune disorders have been ruled and I had bloodwork done which was all clear.

Thanks so much for your time.
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Could you please inform me as to what causes Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome.  My inflammation can become severe at times in the eyelids and I have been keeping it in check with my local corneal specialist.  He placed me on Blephamide ointment every night.  I've been on this for 3-4 months.  It's has been basically keeping it masked.  I still have discomfort. He said to call if I have any swelling.  Well, I have slight swelling every day.

If I should go to Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia, what department would this fall under?  Is it Neuro-Opth?

Thanks so much!!!
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There are unilateral condition such as you describe.

Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome.


Dr. O.

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