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Conflicting Advice - Unexplained/Uncorrectable

Now I have been to 4 different doctors who still cannot explain my uncorrectable vision loss in the right eye, since my fall on January1st. My eyes are so off kilter right now that I have no depth perception and I have severe headaches every day. My right eye is severely nearsighted & my left eye has presbyopia (right eye doesn't) On top of that, I have different options on what to do. (BC=Board Certified)

Dr. #1 - (BC) Florida State Board of Optometry- 2/5 & 3/20 - Cataracts in both eyes, simiilar in size and density. However does not think that explains the issue as only the right eye has a uncorrectable decrease in vision. The left eye has no decrease and the prescription has not changed. Does not recommend getting new glasses, as he doesn't think I will be happy with the result, since the right eye can only be corrected to 20/80. Also, would prefer to determine the cause (Both visits lasted @30 minutes)

Dr. #2 - (BC) American Board of Ophthamology - 2/6 &3/6 - Same office as Dr.#1. Specializes in retina disorders. Cataracts in both eyes, similiar in size and density. However does not think that explains the issue as only the right eye has a uncorrectable decrease in vision. Does not recommend getting new glasses until the cause is determined. (Visit on 2/6 was extensive,spent close to 45 minutes with the doctor, 3/6 - field acuity test, which was OK)

Dr. #3 - (BC) American Board of Ophthamology - 3/4 - Took one look at my eyes and saw the cataracts and immediately said cataract surgery. Recommended for both eyes, even though my left eye has no decrease in vision or issues, at this time. Said not to worry surgery would totally correct the problem and I most likely would not need glasses, except maybe for reading. Only test done was measurement of the eyes. This is the only doctor who recommended surgery on both eyes. Also, stated he would not recommend getting new glasses at this time.

Dr. #4 - website stated Neuro-Ophthamologist, but I ony saw (BC) American Osteopathic Board of Opththamology, no mention of Neurology training. Saw him for @5 minutes before dialation, he said cataract surgery. When I asked why, he stated, because you have a cataract, your retina specilist ruled retina issues out and there's no optic nerve problem, so it must be the cataract. After my eyes were dilated, I saw him for @5 more minutes & he said surgery would most likely improve the eye to 20/40 or 20/60. He did not recommend doing the left eye or getting glasses at this time. Even if I decide to go with cataract surgery, I will not go to Dr. #4, as I won't allow someone who I've seen for less than 10 minutes to operate on my eye.

My neurologist is not interested in the eye problem, but has given me medication for the headaches. Unfortunately the medication doesn't really help. I guess that's OK, because I don't want to be driving with one eye legally blind and taking presciption pain medication.

Any advice as to my next step? At this point I am totally confused as the only thing the doctors agree on is not to get new glasses right now. Unfortunately, I am trying to find a new job and need good visual acuity since my field is in accounting/finance.  Thank you!!
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Please get another opinion at a University Medical Center.

Dr. O.
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Which type of doctor should I schdule an appointment with?  Ophthamologist, Neuro- Ohthamologist or a Neurologist?I don't know how many Ophthamologists' my insurance will allow me to see. But I guess they would probably rather me get the right treatment then to pick the wrong one! Thank you!
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