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Constant Flash/strobe in eyes after laser surgery

Help needed...I have a history of retinal issues that began at 30yrs old with a detachment and retinal schisis.  I was treated back in 2000, 2001 and 2003 for these and have been stable for almost 10 years.  Two weeks ago was seen for a new lightning flash and treated with laser for a tear near my original surgery site. I have since been having a very vibrant strobe like flash that never stops 24/7 in that eye and also a solid white blob that comes into my vision every so often as well.  Suffice to say I am going crazy...and YES I have had my opthamologist check my eyes (twice) and he sees no clinical reason for this and says my laser site is healing properly.  He also says that CONSTANT strobe effect is not consistent with the traction on my retina - that it would be intermittent.  He mentioned the Opthalmic Migraines but even he said (and I know) that Opthalmic Migraines end -they do not continue constant...I am on day ten now and it NEVER stops.... any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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I too am baffled as to why this light effect in your treated eye is constant.  If your retina specialist does not see any new changes in your retina, hopefully the strobe effect will resolve.  If it does not, I might check with a neuro-ophthalmologist to see if any additional testing is needed.
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