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I'm not sure if I had reached a limit on the forum about my catarct surgery but it won't let me continue discussing my progression of my right eye surgery.
I am scheduled to go to the doctor this Friday to discuss my next move. It seems at this point I'm going to go forward with the next surgery on my left eye along with enhancements on my right eye. I have seen an improvement, up and down, but I am able, with just one eye, read newspapers, computers and see pretty well. I think when my other eye is done there should be a coordination between the two that will make my vision even better. I'll let you all know after friday what I've decided after talking to the doctor.

This discussion is related to Catarac surgey coming up.
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Good luck.

Dr. O.
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Our continued best wishes for the proper outcome.
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I was tested at my surgeons offfice last Friday on my right eye. It tested 20/20, I still hve some issues with my vision in certain light but it has improved a lot in the last week. I am having the other eye done tomorrow, Tuesday, at about 3:30. We did speak of the various enhancements available but he told me I was so close to 20/20 that it would make no sense to do anything further at this point. In good lighting I can read, see distanc and generally see normally. In dim light it's more of a challen ge but not as bad as it had been.
I'll let you know how thinsg go. Oh and also we will not do the yag until I feel comfortable with everthing.

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Best of luck, please do let us all know how it turns out for you.
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I had the left eye done Tuesday, Oct 11th, my surgeon did an LRI and implanted a ReStor multifocal lens. I had a multifocal implanted in my right eye about 7 weeks ago. I have finally adjusted enough to feel comfortable to have the other eye implanted also.
So far my left eye is still blurry but it has improved since Tuesday. There is a slight scratchy feeling on the left side of the eye. I did have some pain yesterday before seeing the eye doctor. He determined I had an elevated eye pressure and had to, I think, stick a needle, ouch, in it to draw off some fluid. I felt instant relief. This morning, so far I do not have any pain.
I am looking forward to having my brain adjust to this multifocal as well. I think when that happens I will be able to see quite clearly. It hasn't been a bumpless journey however as those that have followed my journey will attest to.
I have again taken two weeks off work, giving my eye time to adjust and frankly, I just wanted the time off.
I'll keep you all informed throughout this adjustment period.
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Hi Pete,  I haven't been able to be on the forum for a while.  Did catch up on your situation,  I hope by now all has cleared up with left eye and you are on the road to seeing as well as you want.  Keep i touch
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I have been reading your comments about the Restor Lens.  I have had the Restor lens put in both eyes, left one a mont ago, right one two weeks ago.  I'm not able to read at all.  My distance isn't too bad but the reaso I got the Restor lens (and paid a lot for them!) is to be free of glasses after wearing them and contacts for 45 years.  I see there are lots of you who have been unhappy with this lens.  I only wish I had seen this site earlier!  There's also some sort of film over my left lens and slightly over the right.  My doctor is puzzled and I'm not sure what the next move will be.  Possibly laser; however, I'm reading not to have laser if I'm going to have them explanted.  How long was it before your eye stabilized and you were able to read a newspaper, etc. on a regular basis?  If I thought it would get better, I would just be patient but I don't want to wait too long for an explant.  My visions went from 20/30 right after surgery on the left eye to 20/40 and worse in the right eye within two weeks.  How are you doing now?  Do you have both lens and are you able to see?  You have been very patient to go so long....
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I had both eyes done with monofocus plain lens Sept 2009 with no issues what so ever. The lens were chosen to provide 2 ranges of focal vision by my surgeon. Meaning both eyes do not focus at the same distance.My vision prior to surgery was corrected to better than 20/20 with progressive lens in my glasses. WIthout glasses then I could read tiny numbers of electrical components. After surgery healed I got new progressive lens and enjoy them. I have been wearing glasses since the 6th grade when the teacher recognized that I had memorized the eye chart as I walked by. I am typing at the computer right now with my glasses off and shave in the morning without them on as well. See perfectly in the shower. For reading notepapers as I use the computer I wear half lens 2 power magnifiers. When I drive, the progressive lens allow me to read signs 2 blocks away. I rest my case. Regards and luck to all. Joe
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Hey there, all I can advise is be patient! I had that fog also, it takes time for it to go away. From what I understand it's due to the inflammation in the eye.
I have two entries here at medhelp, this one and another one, when I first had surgery on my left eye in August under " having cataract surgery" or something like that. read it also and you will see the anxiousness I had throughout the first one and some on the second one here.

After 2 months I can say I see pretty well without glasses at all! I read the paper, type on the computer,read in bed at night , I did buy a better lamp in order to read in bed but that corrected any problems in that area.I drive day and night, although the night driving you have to adjust to the halos on car lights but other than that I see signs, the road, people perfectly at night. The daylight is my friend, I see perfectly in it at all times. The only weirdness is when I go out to eat at night. I have a little trouble seeing the menus but if I stare at them for a second or two my eyes adapt to the light and I can see them as well, again without glasses at all. I will probably get readers at some point for this minor inconvenience. I visit manufacturing plants in my work and I do have trouble with that type of lighting at intermediate distances and have to move closer to read something without glasses but again in natual lighting I see very well now.My doctor says this may get better in time also. Remember with anything non natural it takes some brain adjustment time. Everyone is different in their adjustment time and as my eye doctor told me he's there for the appropriate hand holding during the adjustment period.
On the vision test at the doctors office I test at 20/20 in both eyes. Now that test is in a perfect world so I always put a stipulation in there to say honestly depending on where you are in the real world lighting your vision will vary.
I will not get the laser( yag) until I feel I need it, at the moment I don't feel it's necessary to make that final leap.But when I do get it I have been told this will also improve my vision.
My vision right now is acceptable to me. My doctor said over the next few months it will slowly get even better. If it gets better than what I have now I will not just be happy with my decision, I will be extremely happy with it.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll answer them as honestly and objectively as I can.
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Thanks so much for responding.  I just saw your post.  I guess I just have to be patient.  I will see my dr next week and see where we go from here.  I am seeing well for distance but still not able to read without reading glasses.  I am hoping this will get better in time.  It was so expensive and I had hopes of seeing distance and reading with this lens.  I could have had a single lens at no expense for distance.  Oh well, I will try to be patient and see where it goes from here.  Again - thanks for the info.

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The joy after reading your post is similar to my feelings when after 4 moths I was hired at a new job.
The use of Rx drops in the eyes before and after surgery is of high consequence and may have been a factor in your case.
All the best for the new year.
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