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Dry eyes Cure

Hello Dr Hagan,

I am 35 and advised by doctor same eye drops (Nature cure) for 3 months (dry eyes).  Is dry eyes condition permanently treated?  
Do I have to take eye drops forever ?

Thank you.
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Are you female? (dry eyes 10 times more common in women than men), are you on birth control pills,  sinus/allergy medication? Do you have systemic diseases associated with dry eyes (example rheumatoid arthritis)  Have you seen and Eye MD ophthalmologist?     That being said dry eyes is a chronic problem that tends to get worse as we get older.  If the drops help it is no different than putting moisturizer on your skin every day or using a product for dry hair.  Go to my home page and scroll through the blog postings and read the one on dry eyes.
Yes Dr Hagan - I am female.  But I notice dry eyes if I work long time on computer.   An intermittent problem.   Probably will limit my time on digital devices (laptop, phone etc).
I hope we should not use eye drops frequently in case problem is intermittent ?
There is a world wide epidemic of dry eyes due to the many hours people spend at computers, and all video screens.  When people do this and also read, watch TV go to movie the blink rate drops and the cornea drys.   Every 10 minutes look away from your screen, focus on a distance object (out window or farthest wall) and blink firmly 6-10 times. It is enormously helpful for dry eyes while doing these tasks.  Most people with mod or severe dry eyes us drops every day.
Thank you for advice , sir.

And I agree  even new generation (small kids) these days are glued on mobile screens for hours.
Also causing a world wide epidemic of myopia or elongation of the eye.  
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