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Epiretinal membrane

hello. I had a retinal detachment in November. Repaired with a scalera buckle, vetrectomy and gas bubble. I developed a cataract immediately that progressed to a stage 4. This was removed and I received a one piece monofocal in February. However I immediately developed a posterior capsule cataract (now stage 4) and cystoid macular edema.that my retinal surgeon was not too concerned about. Last week I seen him and I now have a erm that he has sceduled for a peel and is going to do the posterior capsulotomy by hand at the same time. I am wondering what my vision will be like right after this surgery as far as blurriness and distortions ( My vision humps up in the center of where I am looking.) I am also wondering what the timeline for vision recovery is as far as the blurriness and distortions.  Any information or personal experience would be helpful. I am so scared and having a hard time with this.
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The operation you are having epiretinal membrane (ERM) peel is so unique and each case different that it is not possible to tell you anything useful about how much your vision will improve, if any.  You would have to get this from the retina surgeon. The other thing you need to be aware that when a person has an RD in one eye the other eye is at high risk of RD.  Report any sudden increase of floaters, flashes of light like lightening, or loss of peripheral vision to your retina surgeon immediately.  Have your eyes checked yearly by a retina surgeon and a general eye exam by a comprehensive Eye MD ophthalmologist.  Be careful to avoid injury to your eye, avoid contact sports and amusement type rides which whip the head about.
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