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My daughter is 13.A few days ago,we went for her annual eye check.The specialist advised me that since my daughter is short sighted,the retina is streched and there is a tiny patch in her left eye is thinner so we have to go for her regular checks and not to dive.....It is important that we are to bring her to see a specialist if she see lights and floaters.Anyway,my daughter has migraines two days ago,before the migraine came,she has seen lights.To be sure,we took her to see an eye specialist ,not the same one that exam my daughter before and confirmed that it is the sign prior to migraine.We have discuss with the doctor in regards to the thinner part of the retina.He suggest Ed to have a laser treatment to secure the patch but my daughter is a bit young because if she move while operating it would create difficulties.Then we asked him if there is any immediate risk then he said no but again he said he is able to operate tomorrow and days after.So I consult the specialist that exam my dayghter eye regularly than he suggest to await and not doing it .So I really do not know who to take,pls help..
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I am not sure if the specialist your daughter saw is a retina specialist.  If not, I would recommend a consult with a retina specialist to decide if treatment to the retina is needed. In general, the symptoms of migraine and retinal tear are different.  In a retinal tear, there may be flashes of light like lightning to the sides, often accompanied by the sudden onset of many new floaters or cobwebs in the eyes.  In a migraine, there may be zigzag flashes which expand and migrate across the field of vision.
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