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F/U Strabismus Surgery

So today is post op day 2 following muscle resection. My eye is still extremely red and scratchy, and double vision seems to be really severe and hasn't lessened "yet."  Just wondering if there is anything I could do to help kind of "speed" up the process of my brain compensating for the double vision?  I did absolutely nothing yesterday, and tried not to move my eyes much.  Looking left or right causes a sore sensation.   Haven't done any bending, and just for safety have not slept laying on that side.

Would doing activities that make my eyes really focus and move be detrimental?   Can I read or play FPS video games?   Would these activities help?  
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Using your eyes will not hurt the outcome of surgery, and it is possible that this might help the re-alignment.  However, you need to contact your surgeon about the severe double vision.  Some amount of soreness is normal, and irritation could be caused by surface sutures, but check with your surgeon about how you are progressing.
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