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Floaters Post Migraine

I am a 26 year old female in relatively good health other than severe environmental allergies and anemia (which is treated through IV iron infusion). I am myopic and had my prescription change slightly in the past 3 months (OD -2.75, OS -3.50). I recently experienced my first bout of "migraine with aura" about three weeks ago. I have never had a history of migraines. I began to see huge spots and lost peripheral vision in my right eye for a few hours. Then the migraine came for days. I was in and out of my Doc's office as this was a new issue; I was advised to come off my estrogen-heavy birth control which I have done. My blood pressure was fine and I had a CT scan to rule out all neurological issues.

The migraine has subsided thankfully but since then, I have begun seeing one big floater in my right eye. Again, this is totally new. It moves with my eye movement but when looking forward, it is very large and smack dab in the middle of my eyeball. It's very distracting as I spend a lot of time at work looking at a white computer screen. It's always hanging around!

I am wondering whether my migraines could be related to this large floater? It just seems so strange to go from having no migraines or floaters to getting both in such rapid succession. I did see an Opthamologist when I actually had the migraine happening and he ruled out any issues at the time. Although, this large floater was not present at the time as I have only started experiencing it post-migraine. Should I got back for another check up?
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Yes, you should go back for another dilated eye exam.  Likely not related to the migraine (assuming that is what the aura was related to).

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