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Fluctuating Vision After ReStor Surgery

I was sure that the ReStor lens, which I had implanted 4 weeks ago, was causing my problems with what I called waxy vision, but which my doctor calls fluctuating vision.  After seeing him today, I have a better understanding of what is going on.  Vision is good in the morning and gets worse later in the day.  I'm not diabetic. The last three visits to my doctor have been at 4pm, 7:30 am, and today at 1pm.  At each visit he was able to get my vision to 20/20 with a different prescription.  He is puzzled; has never seen anything like it.  Suggested trying Restasis even though I don't have classic symptoms of dry eye.  He claims that if he explants the Restor there is no guarantee that I won't have the same problem with a monofocal.  Anybody hear of anything like this?
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Any time a MD says he/she has never seen anything like this before its time to consider a consultation/2nd opinion. I would ask the surgeon to send you to a trusted Eye MD for a second opinion

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True.  Anytime an MD says they've never seen anything like that before, it's not what you want to hear.  Sometimes it's the truth, other times it's a way of blowing you off.  Consider a second opinion.  It may be best to find your own opthamologist as your doctor may be just sharing the wealth with his specialist referal or the refered Dr.  may be more prone to second your Dr.'s opinion.
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The Restasis prescription sounds like a case of the "take two of these and call me in the morning" cliche, but it couldn't hurt so you might as well try.
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I am going for a second opinion tomorrow.  I found this doctor myself.  My doctor did say I could try the Restasis on the outside chance it may help or he would send me to see a woman doctor whom he claims also puts in a lot of these multifocal lenses.  I still have faith in my doctor (he's pretty convincing) and I think he did a good job.  He claims I've healed well, the lens is perfectly centered, etc.  He spent a lot of time today explaining things to me/  Not sure if it's the lens but increasingly thinking it may be my strange eyes.  Maybe the Restasis and a little more time will solve my problem.  
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