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Foreign Body in Eye

January 9 last year I was working in the garage on something, can't remember what, and while walking into the house it felt like something was in the right side of my right eye.   Thought it would go away and it didn't.   So the eye has been irritated for over a year now.   I've been to an ophthalmologist probably half a dozen times now and he can't see anything using a slit microscope.   I'm on steroid drops that I'm advised to use "as needed."   I use them as needed and they don't really help.   I have myself convinced something is in the eye because before January 9, good eye, after January 9, bad eye.   Probably just going to seek a second opinion.   Anyone's thoughts?   Thx
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Yes you definitely need a second opnion. And having steroid drops available to use "as needed' is generally considered inadvisable. If you got a fever blister on the eye and used a steroid it can make it much worse, if you got a scratch on the cornea it could increase risk of bacterial or fungus infection. i would suggest you see an Ophthalmologist that specializes in cornea surgery and diseases.  When you go in do not let them put drops in your eye till the cornea specialist looks at your eye.   As the corneal specialist to rule ouf  1. recurrent corneal erosion 2. basement membrane disease  3 Evert the upper eyelid to be sure no foreign body is under lid  3 be sure no eyelash is browing backwards or rubbing on the eye.  
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