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Fracture of Eye Bone

I am 22 years old, and I had an accident, someone tried to rob me, and Punched me right inside my right eye, and under my eye it was swollen, and the swollenness has gone down, but I went to max faxol face therapy, and they did a city scan, and found out that the bone under my right eye has been gone down/fracture half to 1 inch.

He told me that I need an operation in which he will make a cut under my eye and place the bone back to the position, and also told me that there is 1% risk of losing eye sight of that eye,
But after I told him that my left eye is very weak, the right eye is the powerfull eye, then He also told me If he would be on my side, then he would not get the surgery done because All my major problems like (double vision, Heart in the eye while moving, not able to move eye) has been resolved itself,
and the main thing is taking risk of losing eyesight of that powerful eye.
The only problem I had was getting double vision which became totally fine after couple of days from accident, and the pain while moving the eye which is also gone. But I am really worried about the bone under my eye which is fractured, I saw the scan myself, it is very bad, my right eye bottom line is very low compare to left one, which means my bone must have gone maybe 1inch down, and I am really worried what if it harms me alot in future, or sinkin my eye alot, that I wouldnt be able to open my eye properly, I am so much confused and really do not know what to do, PLEASE HELP ME.
1. Should I do the surgery or not, what is your advice, If yes or no then Why?
2. If I do not do surgery will there be any big harm or infection in future anytime after maybe 20-30 years to my eye?
3. If my eye really sink in in then will it be quite alot, and are there any chance of the eye to be moved down or elsewhere?
4. If I decide to get the surgery done, then in the surgery after making a cut under the eye, will the doctor would have to take my eye out or not?
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These are all very, very good questions and I'm glad the surgeon didn't just jump into surgery.  The main question I have is how bad is your left eye.  If you just have to wear stronger glasses or contact lens in that eye and it sees perfectly, then I would not be as worried about having surgery on your stronger eye.  Now on the other hand if it has amblyopia and is permanantly and forever severely blurred no matter what, then that would indeed give me more hesitation regarding surgey on the right eye. If the left eye is totally blurred and you don't use it then I would not expect you to have double vision problems.  The second important question is the size and location of the fracture.  If it is small and there is no entrapment of orbital contents in the fracture then you may be able to have a very good recovery with no surgery.
In the end you need to have a second opinion with an ophthalmolgist that specializes in orbital and reconstructive surgery.  You can find one using the find a physican feature at aao.org.  For now, I appreciate the cautious nature of your present surgeon.

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