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Headaches in lenses and glasses

About 2 months ago I started to have headaches from wearing contact lenses. It made no sense, it was all out of the blue, I was wearing these powers for years . I went to visit my eye doctor nr 1. She told me that it was some kind of eye sensitivity, that I should refrain from wearing lenses for few weeks and wear glasses instead. I did not have glasses at that time, so I had to order them made. When I finally received glasses it turned out that they make my head ache as well. I went to the eye doctor nr 2, that told me that I should use eye drops (Optivita). They didn't help. I went to the eye doctor nr 3. She told me, that my prescription was too strong, lowered the powers, removed the cylinder (supposedly it was all because I was sensitive to cylinders). I got glasses for my new prescription. And guess what? My head still hurts. I have redness in my left eye and I feel like something is crushing my brain. The pains go away once I remove glasses/contact lenses. And what is worse now I can't see in long distances.

I do not know what to do. I have already visited three different eye specialists and neither of them helped me. I wonder if it isn't that my prescription is too weak, but it is unlikely, as I tried with stronger lenses and the end effect was the same.

My left eye is -3,75
My right eye is -3,5
Eye pressure supposedly is fine.

Please help.
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I don't know if you saw optometrists or ophthalmologists.  If you did not see an ophthalmologist (Eye MD), I recommend that you do.  You need a full exam with gonioscopy and a visual field.  You may also need further evaluation for the cause of your headaches.
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