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Hydrogen Peroxide in lens/eye

I'm really not sure where to get advice on this at this time of the night. I wear hard contacts, ortho-k lenses. Last night I ran out of my own cleaning solution and used my friend's without realising it was hydrogen peroxide, so I washed BOTH lenses with hydrogen peroxide and wore my right lens. Obviously it hurt like crazy and I took it out and rinsed my eye with water. In the meantime I took my lenses out of the hydrogen peroxide, washed them with water (I didnt have any other cleaning solution) and then left them dry in the plastic container. Today my right eye is extremely bloodshot and my vision is a lot blurrier than it should be (my left eye was fine as I didnt touch my left lens yet).

I went to see the eye doctor and he said there was no permanent burns, I just had to wait it out and in the meantime not wear my right lens, but that it was okay to wear my left lens. So I just washed my left lens thoroughly with saline (as I had washed it with hydrogen peroxide yesterday), but when I wore it, it started to burn slightly and when I took the lens out, my eye had gone red as well. I am wondering if the hydrogen peroxide has not come off the lens or plastic lens container.

I am really worried because I have so much coursework to hand in soon but if I can't see, I can't work. My hard lenses means I need to wear them every night to have good vision in the day. I thought I could at least wear my left lens if my right eye is damaged, but now my left eye is red as well from...I'm not sure what. Remnants of hydrogen peroxide on the lens? I washed it VERY thoroughly...please help...I'm really distressed
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Wash it off very well with contact lens solution/cleaning agent.

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