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Is Minimonovision possible?

Cataract in the Right Non-Dominant eye described as big, ugly, dense, dark. (I can only distinquish objects/hand as dark objects against a light background in this eye.
The research here indicates monovision/minimonovision is the best course of action.  BUT....

Since the Dominant Left eye has a "baby" cataract, I will need surgery only in one eye---the non-dominant eye.  Can this be done and still achieve a "blended result" in a few years when the other eye will need surgery?

Cataract/right eye was -1.50 correction/distance...blind now.  Dominant Left eye is -1.75 distance with great intermediate and okay reading vision...I can read the paper, just need really good light.  Priority is 1) intermediate vision 2) reading vision since I've always had it....  Correcting with my contact achieves good distance even though there is mild astigmatism, but messes up reading totally...doesn't interfere with intermediate. Worn only for driving.

Is Blended vision possible, somehow?   I am 63.  I am a teacher and the mother of a 14 yr old...night driving is critical, with or without correction...just no halos please, seeing her face well at a glance is critical....reading I have always enjoyed....  

TIA for your wisdom
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Well your first priority is just trying to be able to see in the right eye and you have a very dense cataract.  I would concentrate on just getting through the surgery - since the complication rate will be higher with such a severe cataract.  My advise would be to go for distance in the right eye since you already have the left eye for near (-1.75.)  This would give you blended vision.  I don't think you will have too much problem with adapting since you have essentially no vision in the right eye and have adapted to that. If you are worried you can leave the right eye just a little nearsighted (like -0.75) but to be honest, it can be impossible to get IOLmaster readings (teh most accurate way to measure for IOL's) on these eyes and sometimes immersion scans (second most accurate methold of IOL measurements) are not as accurate and you may not get exactly the post-op refraction you really want due to difficulty with the measurements.

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